Los Bros Hernandez whishlist

Here’s my list of Jaime and gilbert Hernandez original comic art and merchandise, that would absolutely make me a happy man. Contact me, if you want to sell 😉

Gilbert Hernandez mini comic: Luba's little sister

Luba’s Little Sister by Gilbert Hernandez

Mini comic by Gilbert Hernandez, published 2002. Only 50 numbered copies exist. Signed/numbered with a gold pen.

Love and Rockets 25th anniversary silk screen poster

Love & Rockets 25th anniversary limited poster

Printed by Fantagaphics to celebrate Jaime, Mario and Gilbert Hernandez’ 25th. anniversary with their hit comic Love and Rockets.

Do you have any images?

Love and Rockets bookmarks

Fantagraphics have produced several bookmarks which usually are handed out at comic con’s. I know one with Maggie exists, but if you know others, please let me know

Monsters, limited edtion print by Gilbert Hernandez

Monsters – limited edition print – Gilbert Hernandez

Only 150 signed copies were done back in 1993

Love and rockets rubber stamps - Maggie & Hopey and Errata Stigmata

Love and Rockets Rubber Stamps

Produced by Fantagraphics back in late 80’s – 2 stamps exist:

  1. Errata Stigmata
  2. Hopey & Maggie
Love and Rockets pin buttons

Love and Rockets pin buttons

Fantagraphics released these around ’90 and produced 5 buttons in all. In the magazines only 4 where pictured, but it is rumoured that a secret fifth button exists.

  1. Maggie
  2. Hopey
  3. Heraclio & Carmen
  4. Luba & young Guadalupe
  5. and the rumoured fifth button, that nobody has ever seen
Mike Sterlings zine Wood Eye #8

Mike Sterling’s Wood-Eye #8

Mike Sterling produced a nice little fanzine called Wood-eye and wrote about comics, writers etc. Jaime Hernandez drew the cover for issue #8. Released February 1996.

Love & Rockets 10th anniversary tour poster

Love and Rockets 10th anniversary poster

A gigantic, door-sized poster commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Love and Rockets universe. I have only ever seen one in existence, currently on a wall at publisher Fantagraphics headquarters. Unknown if more than one were ever printed.

Jaime Hernandez Tee Nardcore - Aggression

Jaime Hernandez t-shirt Nardcore – Aggression

Black shirt with white print, released around 1990 as a promo for the L.A. punk band Nardcore and their record Aggression.

Jaime Hernandez tee dr. know

Jaime Hernandez t-shirt “Nardcore – Dr. Know”

Black shirt with white print, released around 1990 as a promo for the L.A. punk band Nardcore and their record Dr. Know.

Tonantzin T-shirt by Gilbert Hernandez, released by Chaser

Tonantzin T-shirt by Gilbert Hernandez

Released by Chaser, full color print on white shirt.

Birdland #2 t-shirt by Gilbert Hernandez

Birdland #2 t-shirt by Gilbert Hernandez

Promo shirt released to promote the sexy Birdland comic. Full color print on white shirt